09.03.11 - Prof. Judy Kay - University of Sydney, Australia

נשלח 25 בפבר׳ 2011, 1:20 על ידי עדי קידרון   [ עודכן 23 במאי 2011, 14:10 על ידי keren aridor ]
Creating the Future Interfaces for Learning

This talk presents an overview of several projects from the CHAI, Computer-Human Adapted Interaction lab, which aims to create new technologies for personalised, pervasive interaction.  One of the core drivers for our research is to create new technology to support learning. The presentation will give a taste of our work on emerging tabletop interaction which offers the possibility of new ways to support learners who work together in small co-located groups.  Then, it will present a set of projects that aim to exploit data available as digital traces as small groups work together, aided by computer systems. We created a model of the learner interaction and made it available to the learners as visualisations.  These are useful for teachers, group facilitators, and members of the group as they try to learn to collaborate effectively.

On a completely different note, the talk will show a personalised teaching system that was designed for learner control, so that the learner can scrutinise the personalisation to understand and control the personalisation.

The final tasting will present CUSP which supports the design of the curriculum of university degree programmes that run over 3 - 5 year. It enables each teacher to map their own subject design to institutional learning goals and supports tracking of progression in learning of generic and discipline-specific skills.  It has been used for 60+ degree programs and 1000+ subjects.

Judy Kay is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Sydney, Australia, and a
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principal on the Computer Human Adaptive Interaction, CHAI lab, which conducts both fundamental and applied research in personal isation and pervasive computing.  Her personalisation research aims to exploit the huge amounts of data available about people, from conventional and emerging systems, to create useful mirroring tools and user models that can support lifelong learning as well as personalisation of future pervasive computing environments. She has published extensively in the areas of personalisation and teaching and learning. She has been a keynote speaker at major conferences: UM'94, Boston, USA; IJCAI'95, Montreal, Canada; ICCE'97, Kuching, Malaysia; ITS'2000, Montreal, Canada; AH2006, Dublin, Ireland, ITS'2008, Montreal, Canada; ECTEL2010, Barcelona, Spain. She is on the editorial boards of journal UMUAI, User Modeling and User Adapted Interaction, ACM TIIS Transactions on Intelligent Information Systems, Associate Editor of International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education and IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies.  She is president of the International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society.

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