Allison Druin & Benjamin B. Bederson:Books that are Blue: What Children Can Teach Us About Creating New Technologies

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Seminar on 20.6.12.
"I want to find all the blue books that are sad." "I want to read this Russian book in Chinese." "I don't want to read, just look at pictures." These are all important requests and expectations that come from children, ages 7-11. As our design partners in developing new technologies, children can offer bluntly honest views of their world. Children's input into the design and development process is critical, particularly as new technologies for children become commonplace in schools and homes. In our talk, we will discuss the process we have developed at the University of Maryland to support the co-design of new educational technology environments for children and with children. In particular, we will discuss the development process over 10 years for the International Children's Digital, the research areas this work has spawned, and where we are looking to the future.

Allison Druin is the ADVANCE Professor for the STEM Senior Women's Council and the Co-Director of the Future of Information Alliance at the University of Maryland. As a co-recipient of the CHI Social Impact Award, her research has focused on developing methods for giving children a voice in the design of new technologies for children. These methods have given rise to such technologies as the International Children's Digital Library, research she and Bederson will speak about today. 
Benjamin B. Bederson is a Professor of Computer Science and a past director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies and iSchool at the University of Maryland. An ACM Distinguished Scientist, his research is on human computation, mobile device interfaces, interaction strategies, digital libraries, and children's education. He is also Cofounder and Chief Scientist of Zumobi, a premium mobile app network.

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