Dr. Catherine Eberbach - Using Technological Tools to Facilitate Learning about Complex Ideas

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Systems thinking is increasingly important for an informed citizenry. Yet, systems thinking poses many conceptual challenges for learners. This seminar presents a program of design research that develops and explores computer-based instructional interventions to facilitate middle school student understanding of aquatic ecosystems. A recent microgenetic analysis suggests that students may follow multiple non-linear trajectories towards an increasingly coherent understanding of ecosystems. Even so, the ability to observe phenomena at multiple macro/micro and biotic/abiotic levels may be an underlying constraint to also observing integrated structure-behavior-function relations and the development of a more coherent understanding of ecosystems. 

Dr. Eberbach is a Research Associate at the Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University (New Brunswick, New Jersey). Her research interests focus on how people learn about complex natural phenomena and systems across time and place, as well as how computer-based tools and instruction may facilitate complex reasoning. 

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