Special Issue on Revisiting Learning Communities: Innovations in Theory and Practice

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Led by Prof. Dani Ben-Zvi and Dr. Yotam Hod from our program, and in collaboration with Prof. Kate Bielaczyc from Clark University, we are soliciting proposals for papers for a special issue of 
Instructional Science, an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to educational theory and practice from the learning sciences, addressing the theme of learning community research over the past two decades, with a particular aim of eliciting the innovations in their conceptualizations, methodological approaches, and designs. Thus, we are seeking theoretical or empirical papers that touch upon any of the following:


      What new conceptualizations of LCs have emerged?

      What are the dynamic patterns of collaboration in LCs?

      What are the inter-relations of individual and LC development?

      How do students’ practices and identities change within LCs?

      What is the process of norm emergence in LCs?

      What new methods have emerged to research LCs?

      What are the different scales of time in LC research?

      What design principles underlie the design of LCs?

      What is the role of digital tools in LCs?

The above list of questions are not exhaustive. We encourage authors to suggest topics of interest related to the special issue theme as well. For more information, please read the full Call for Papers, which is attached and available at lc.edtech.haifa.ac.ilThose interested should submit a 300-500 word synopsis in this online form, outlining the content of the proposed paper by Nov 30, 2015. Please follow APA style for reference citations.

Kindly share within your networks those who you think might be interested. We apologize for cross-postings. If you have any questions, please contact Yotam Hod: (yotamhod24@gmail.com)